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Nezve Pattern Trader

What is the Pattern Trader?

Cryptocurrencies have changed the entire financial landscape since Bitcoin first came to the scene in 2008. The timing of Bitcoin launch was particularly interesting; the first cryptocurrency came about just as the world was reeling from the effects of the global financial crisis triggered by deregulation policies in the US. It is fair to say, no one saw cryptocurrencies coming.

The promise of cryptocurrency was a peer-to-peer digital form of payment that is decentralized, trustless, borderless, transparent, and completely verifiable, yet pseudonymous. That was a huge promise, and in the middle of a financial crisis, only a few investors could take the risk. Most of them were not just investors, but ‘believers’ in the crypto dream- the future of money- as well as the underlying blockchain technology.

But when Bitcoin rose from values of less than $1 to highs of just below $20,000, everyone took notice- no one could afford not to. Cryptocurrencies were no longer just the future of money, but solid digital stores of value. Early ‘believers’ had cashed in on an opportunity of a lifetime, but investors were now watching the space keenly. Numerous other cryptocurrencies would emerge, with investors keenly looking out for the next ‘Bitcoin’.

It would prove to be a not-so-smart strategy, as cryptocurrency prices tumbled. The succeeding recovery would fail to match the rallies experienced during the first decade of cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would retain what has always been their defining quality- volatility. In speculation, volatility is king, because money is made out of price changes. And cryptocurrencies would guarantee volatility 24/7.

Still, volatility is not child’s play. This is why the founders of Pattern Trader created an automated crypto trading software that would allow all types of investors to participate in this incredible opportunity, whether you are new to investing or have some experience. Pattern Trader will implement the best day trading strategies using the most advanced technologies in FinTech to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in full automation mode. This is why Pattern Trader members make thousands of dollars, day in, and day out. Join us today and get a slice of the crypto cake.

Start making big profits daily with the Pattern Trader!

About Our Team

Driven by the desire to enable as many people as possible to make money out of the cryptocurrency market, Pattern Trader founders set up to create an automated trading software for this exciting asset class. The founding members have diverse professional backgrounds, all contributing to developing the best trading software in the world. The team included veteran financial traders, career economists, mathematicians and top developers.

After developing the software, there was a need to recruit beta testers who would validate live trading performance. Beta testers were selected from a wide pool to include both novice and experienced investors. The results were impressive, and the Pattern Trader was made available to the public for a limited period. You can now also join our community and glean from the knowledge of the most successful financial traders of our time, all for free!
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